M.A, Ph.D
Joined Lakhimpur Commerce College on 02 Sep, 1998
1. Name : DR.ARUPA DUTTA 2. Fathers name : Mr. Brojen Dutta. 3. Mothers Name : Mrs. Bhanu Dutta 4. Present Position : Assistant Professor 5. Name of the Institution Lakhimpur Commerce College
Research Interest:
Women Education, Environmental Education, Psychosocial well-being & job satisfaction .
Specialized Courses:

Publication and Seminar


  1. Article published in the Book-“Uttoronot Nari” ISBN:978-81-925881-0-0/2014, title-“ Kormo Niyujit Mahilar Atmo Xontusti aru Monu-Xamajik Xomosya” page no-154-156, 2014
  2. Article published in the journal ‘FLAMBEAU’- A Multidisciplinary Research Studies—Peer Reviewed Journal Vol-III, No-II,August/2016, - title-“A Study Of The Job-Satisfaction and Psycho-Social Problems of Women Teacher Working In Colleges  Of Assam” page no-150-157,
  3. Article published in the Book- “Rural Development Programmes in North-East India: Issues and Futurity” title- “Impact of SHG’s of Lakhimpur District of Assam.  Published by Balaji Publication- New Delhi, (ISBN-978-93-85756-20-7), 2017, page no-302-305.
  4. Article Published in the journal “Pragya Bharati” A collection of multi-lingual research-based article, titled “Moulana Abul Kalam Azad- A Great Educational Pioneer”, page no-124-136 ISBN:978-81-953850-1-0 on 2021-22
  5. Article Published in the Lakhimpur Commerce College Journal (A Peer Reviewed Journal) titled “Higher Education: Restructuring and strategies for Women’s Empowerment”, page no-111-120, ISSN-2320-5415, March/2022
  6. Article Published in the book “Contemporary Concerns in North-East India”, a book of collection of research papers, titled “Role of Missing Women in Socio-Economic Development of the Missing community of Assam”, page no-26-36, ISBN:978-93-84466-80-0/2022


  1. Presented a paper entitled “Women Empowerment with Special Reference to North East India” held on 30th March/2013 at Harhi College, Gobindapur
  2. Presented a paper entitled “A critical Study of Assamese Cinema and its Past, Present and its Future Prospect”held on 10th& 11th May, 2014 at Lakhimpur Commerce College,
  3. Paper presented on UGC sponsored National seminar on “Role of Mass-Media and education in developing National Prosperity” on 3rd&4th November/2014 at Simen Chapori College,Dhemaji,
  4. Participated an UGC Sponsored seminar entitled “Bhaktikalin Hindi Sahitya:Prasongkik Prosna” held in Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagaron 12th Nov./2014.
  5. Presented a paper entitled “Higher Education: Restructuring and Strategies for Women Empowerment” held on 9th &10thApril/2015 at North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), Lakhimpur, title- “Quality assurance in higher education in India-Issues,Challenges & Remedies”
  6. Participated an ICSSR Sponsored Seminar “Globalization: A Challenge in The Growth and Development of Indigenous Language and Culture in North- East India” on 28th & 29th March,2015 at Moridhal College, Dhemaji
  7. Presented a paper entitled ‘’ A Study of the Job satisfaction and Psycho-Social problems of Women Teachers working in Colleges- A case study of Lakhimpur LAC.” held on 29th& 30th April, 2015 at L.T.K.College, Lakhimpur
  8. Participated an UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar “History, Polity, and Environment in North- East India: Issues and Consensus” held on 6th&7th August/2016 at Subansiri College, Lahimpur
  9. Presented a paper on UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Role of Education for Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development” held on 20th& 21th October/2016 at Kherajkhat College, Lakhimpur, Topic- “Environmental Degradation and Importance of Education for Sustainable Development”
  10. Presented a paper entitled “Implementation of Right to Education Act-2009” held       on                                        7th& 8th January/2017 at Bordoloni Central College, Dhemaji.
  11. Presented a paper on UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Role of theYouth in Nation Building” held on 27th&28t June/2018 at Subansiri College, Lakhimpur.
  12. Presented a paper entitled “A Critical Analysis of the Problems of Tourism in Assam” On 3rd      & 4th December, 2018 at Telahi Tuwaram Nath College, Lakhimpur.
  13. Presented a paper on UGC sponsored National Seminar entitled” Problems and Prospects of Rural Employability in North East India:Issues and Consensus’ held on 3rd& 4th October/2019 at Bordoloni College, Dhemaji
  14. Presented an International seminar entitled ‘Importance of Environmental Education’ held on 3rd, 4th, & 5th February/2020, organized by Department of Economics, Gossaigaon College,Gossaigaon.
  15. Participated an International webinar on Socio- Political Scenario in Corvid and Post corvid Times: Ethical challenges organized by the Research and Innovative Committee, Lady Keane College, Shillong on 9th July /2020.
  16. Participated in the online webinar entitled ‘Cross Platform Dialogues: Emerging Issue and Challenges of Educational Research post in the times of COVID-19” organized by Institute of Distance Education RGU & Department of Education held on 23rd July/2020
  17. Participated an international webinar on “Threats to diversity, its conservations, and challenges” organized by Barnagar college on 12th August/2020.
  18. Presented an ICHR Sponsored National seminar entitled “Freedom Struggle of Assam: A brief Analysis” held on 3rd& 4th August, /2022 at Sankardeva Mahavidyalaya, Pathalipahar/Lakhimpur

Presented an ICHR Sponsored National seminar entitledImpact of New Education Policy 2020 - Challenges and Opportunities on the educational system”held on 4th November/2022at Bihpuria College, Lakhimpur             


  1. Participated anUGC Sponsored National Workshop on “Research Methodology: Its Needs and Importance” held on 8th& 9th September/2014 at Lakhimpur Kendriya Mahavidyalaya.
  2. Participated a National level Workshop on “Quality Improvement in Institutional Management System in under Graduate Colleges in North East India” held on 12th June/2015 at Nowboicha College, Lakhimpur.
  3. Participated an National e-Workshop on Changing Scenario in College Education in the Context of National Education Policy-2020 organized by Govt.P.G.College, Bilaspur  Rampur – Uttar Pradesh with association with RUSA from Sept 5 to Sept-9/2020.
  4. Actively participated an online Workshop on “Constructivism as Pedagogical Framework” organised by IQAC & Centre for Innovation, Research and Development (CIRD) OF Monohar memorial College of Education, Fatehabad on 27th -28th January/2022
  5. Actively participated an online Workshop on “Leadership Development’ from 8th March to 14th March/2022, organized by HRDC NEHU/Shillong. 


  1. Participated in one-week online faculty development programme on “Teaching Pedagogy” organized by IQAC of Dr. R.K.B. Law college, Dibrugarh, Assam in collaboration with T.L.C. Centre, Tezpur University on from 22nd to 28th June/2020.
  2. Participated a Faculty Development Programme on “Online Teaching –Learning and Research Methodology” organized by Govt.P.G. College, Bilaspur Rampur – Uttar Pradesh from 18th July to 29th July/2020
  3. Actively participated a online F.D.P. on ‘Challenges of online Teaching-Learning” organized by The national law institute university, Bhopal held on 24th -30th September/2021
  4. Actively participated an online 5days Multidisciplinary Workshop on Environmental Awareness and Waste Management from 5th to 9th June/2022, organised by IQAC & Eco club, Lakhimpur Girls College/North Lakhimpur.
  5. Actively participated an online Refresher Course in Teacher Education, from 9th May/2022 to 23rd May/2022, organized by UGC HRDC Aligarh Muslim University/ Aligarh

Experience in College Administration and Governance:


  1. Performing of as External of Psychological Laboratory practical, Skill-Based Exams of 5th semester (Practice-teaching), Internal of laboratory practical, Supervisor, Project Work Preparation for B.A. 6th Sem. (Laboratory Practical) -(2013-14, 2015-16, 2017 -18,19-20, & 21-22

2. Coordinator: Coordinator of O.B.C. Cell (2021-22)

Prof-in-charge: Prof.-in-charge of Music and culture section of Students Union,2022-23


  1. Active participation in various meetings held in different occasions in the department as well as in College (2013-14, 2015-16, 2017-18,19-20 & 21-22)
  2. Member of Research Publication Committee (2013-14, 2015-16, & 2017 -18, 2021-22)
  3. Member of Admission Committee (2013-14, 2015-16, & 2017 -18& 2021-22)
  4. Lifelong member of Axom Sahitya Sobha (2018-19,20-21& 2022)
  5. Member of Women cell (2013-14, 2015-16, 2017 -18,19-20 & 2021-22)
  6. Prof.in-chrge of departmental Wall Magazine (2015-16&2021-22)
  7. Active participation in College Election Duty (2015-16-17 & 2020-22)
  8. Member of Anti- Ragging & Vigilance Cell (2016-17& 2018)


  1. Asstt. Officer-in-charge B.A & B.Com.1st Semester exam, D.U. (2013)
  2. External of 6th semester exam. (2014, 2015 &2016 & 2018)
  3. Asstt. Officer-in-charge B.A. & B.Com.6th Semester exam, D.U. (2017)
  4. Internal & continuous assessment work (2013-14,2015-16 & 2017-18)
  5. Classes taken in Distance education (D.U.) (2015-16 &2017-18)
  6. Paper Examiner of D.U. Semester Exam (2013-14, 2015-16 & 2017-18)
  7. Paper Setter under D.U. Semester Exam (2016—17)
  8. Internal & Continuous Assessment Work (2013-14,2015-16 & 2017-18)
  9. Mentoring of Students (2013-14,2015-16, 2017-18& 2021-22)
  10. Classes taken in Distance education (D.U.) (2013-14, 2015-16 & 2017-18)
  11. Invigilation Duty (2013-14,2015-16 & 2017-18,19-20 & 2021-22