M.A, Ph.D
Joined Lakhimpur Commerce College on 02 Aug, 1999
Father’s Name: Late Tarun Bhuti Bhattacharjee Mother’s Name: Runu Bhattacharjee Present Designation: Assistant Professor Name of the Institution: Lakhimpur Commerce College Date of Joining: 2nd August 1999. Address of the Institution: Lakhimpur Commerce College North Lakhimpur- 787001, Lakhimpur, Assam Address for Correspondence: K.B.Road, WardNo12, Lakhimpur-787001,Assam Mobile Number: 9854101139/8638390156 E-mail Address: rupjyotibhatta111@gmail.com Personal Details:
Research Interest:
Research Experience Ph. D. Research work:-Ph. D. Research on the topic:Voicing the Self: A Study of Contemporary Indian Women Novelists under the supervision of Dr. N Nagaraju,. Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh, A.P. Refresher Course; Women Studies (ID) UGC Academic Staff College ,University of North Bengal (05.08.15 to 28. 08.15)
Specialized Courses:
Linguistics and Women Studies

Publication and Seminar

Experience in College Administration and Governance:


1. Physical & Mental Wellness Cell of Lakhimpur Commerce College, 2022.

  2. Beautification Committee, 2022.

  3.Prospectus Committee, 2022.

Coordinator: Spoken English, 2022.

Joint Coordinator: Spoken English, 2013, 2014

Member     :

 1 Research Committee since 2012

2 IQA Cell, 2017, 2018, 2019,2020, 2021

3. Women Cell

4. SSR Preparation Committee 2017,2018,

5. College Admission Committee of Lakhimpur Commerce C0llege,2017-18

6. Life Time Membership of Assam Sahitya Sabha since 2016

 7. Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, Lakhimpur Branch since 2022

8. Election Committee of Students Union, 2018, 2019,2022

9. Scrutiny Committee of Election of Students Union, 2019. 

10. Orchidarium Committee, 2022.

11. Bulletin Committee, 2022.


13. Health and Hygiene Committee, 2022.


1. Extension activities at North Lakhimpur Government Higher Secondary School 2018.

2. Participated in Spit Free India Movement (National Service Scheme},2020.

3. Participated in Flood Relief Camp, Environmental Awareness Camp.

Examiner &Scrutinizer

1) Business Communication(BUCN) for TDC 1st Sem. Examination 2016, Lakhimpur Commerce College Zone

  2) B. A. 1st Semester Examination Zone 2017 at Lakhimpur Kendriya Mahavidyalaya Zone

 Part time Faculty: Department of English(Post Graduate) in the Distance Education Study Centre under Dibrugarh University. 

Counsellor  :

1)MEG Programme(Master Degree in English) in IGNOU Study Centre(0413), Lakhimpur Commerce College.


  1. A chapter on Agriculture in Assam: The Backbone Of State Economy(Pg No 19-23) in the book Development Of Agriculture In North Eastern Region With Special Reference To Assam. Editors: Mr Brojen Borah, Mr Ratul Dutta, Dr Udeep Boruah, Dr Bijoy Deb. Publisher: Kiran Prakashan, Dhemaji, ISBN No-978-93-82746-72-0
  2. A research paper on Sattriya Dance : A Pride of Assam(Pg No42-45) in PragyaPratibimban ,A Multi Disciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal, ISSN : 2393-828
  3. A research paper on Dr Bhupen Hazarika: The Pride Of Assam (Pg 22-26) in Pragya Pratibimban A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Research Journal ,Vol:VI, No 1,May, 2019.
  4. A chapter on Social Media Its Role And Impact On Society (Pg No74-77) in ProblemsAnd Prospects Of The Studies In Humanities And Social Science. Editor in Chief Dr. Jonali Boruah ,Mahaveer Publication ,ISBN_978-81-942105-5-9(2019).
  5. A chapter on Voicing The Self : A Study Of Kamala Das’s My Story (Pg No 134-138) in the book Discovering India Through Language, Literature &Culture. Editors Dr Jahidul Dewan, Dr. Anuruddha Bayan ,Vijay Bhan Azad. ISBN 978-81-945451-4-9(2020)
  6. A seminar paper on Status Of Women and Higher Education in Assam in Conference Proceeding on Issues And Challenges Of Higher Education In The 21st century With Special Reference To NE India. ISSN 978-81-944808-2-2(2020)
  7. A research paper on Assamese Proverbs and Gender Ideology (Pg 105-111)in Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal. Vol 3 ISSN-2320-5415.(2020)
  8. A chapter on Evolution of New Woman: Feminist Perspectives in the Novels of Shoba De(pg 250-256)in the book Stri Ratna, ISBN 978-81-945451-4-9EditorDrJonaliBaruah (2022)

      9.   A chapter on Folk Literature: The Essence of Folk Tales in Assam (Pg                   09-16) in the book History of Oral and Folk Tradition, Editors Swapna                     Das, Rupam Gogoi , ISBN_978-81-948513-2-5(2022)

      10.  A Chapter on Women Victimization: A Feminist Study Of Indira Goswami’s Datal Hatir Uye Khuwa Howdah And Adhalikha Dastabej in            the book Violence Against Women In India with Special Reference to                      North East India ISBN:978-93-92699-60-3(2022)

Full Paper in Conference/Seminar 

1.         A paper presented on Shankardeva: A Glimpse of Neo-Vaishnavite Movement in Assam in  UGC sponsored National Seminar (23-24 March 2013) on Bharatiya Bhakti Andulan Mein Sankardev Aur Madhavdev Ka Yugdan organized by Sabda Bharati Hindi Sansadhan Kendra, Guwahati.

2.         A paper presented on Bharatiya Prekhapotot Axomiya Lipi UGC Sponsored National Seminar (11th,-12th September 2014) on Script: Its Heritage ,Tradition and Transformation at Lakhimpur Commerce College, North Lakhimpur.

3.         A  paper presented on Literature and Indian Cinema :A Synoptic View in UGC Sponsored National Seminar (10th,-11th May 2 014) on 100 Years of Indian Cinema with special reference to Northeast India at Lakhimpur Commerce College, North Lakhimpur. 

4.         A  paper presented on Empowering Women through Distance Learning in North Eastern Region in UGC Sponsored National Seminar (23rd &24th September 2 015) on Relevance of Distance Open Learning in the 21st century at Silapathar Town College.

5.         A paper presented on In Search of Female Space: A Study of Indian Women Novelists in UGC Sponsored National Seminar (29th&30th April 2015) on Status of Women in North East India at LTK College, North Lakhimpur.

6.         A paper presented on Gandhi through the Lens of Indian Cinema: An Analysis in UGC Sponsored National Seminar (28th March 2016) on Relevance of Gandhismin the Era of Globalisation at Laluk College North Lakhimpur.

7.         A paper presented on Dr. Bhupen Hazarika:A Multifaceted Cultural Colossus of Assam in UGC Sponsored National Seminar (23rd December 2016) onBhupenHazarikaKeByagtittaKeBahurangiAayam by Hindi Department at Guwahati University.

8. A paper presented on Agriculture in Assam: The Backbone of State Economy in UGC Sponsored National Seminar (6th&7th August, 2 016)onDevelopment of Agriculture in North Eastern Region with special reference to Assam at Purbanchal College ,Silapathar ,Dhemaji.

9.         A paper presented on Globalisation: A Study on the Ethnic Women of North East India in UGC sponsored National Seminar(6th&7thAugust,2016)on Impact of Globalization on Socio Economic Scenario of North East India with special reference to Assam at LTK College, North Lakhimpur.

10.      A paper presented on Filmmaker Dr Bhupen Hazarika in UGC sponsored National Seminar (2017)onEight Decades of North Eastern Cinema and Beyond organized by Lakhimpur Commerce College. 

11.      A paper presented on Unravelling Insurgency in North East: An Assessment in UGC sponsored National Seminar (2018) onEthnic And Insurgency Clashes Is Threat For Peace And Harmony In North East India Subansiri College,Lakhimpur

12.      A paper presented on Satriya Dance Of Assam:An Overview in UGC sponsored National Seminar (2018) on Challenges To Sattriya Culture As Unifying Forces In The North East: Trends And Factors in TelahiTuwaramNath College,Lakhimpur

13.      A paper presented on Tourism In Assam: Exploring A Unique Paradise in UGC sponsored National Seminar (2018) onFuture Prospects Possibility Of Tourism Industry & Awesome Assam In India, Telahi Tuwaram Nath College,Lakhimpur.

14.      A paper presented on Translation and Comparative Literature: A Synoptic View 2019

   15.   Status of Women and Higher Education in Assam


1. Participated in UGC Sponsored National level workshop o Quality Improvement in Institutional Management System in Undergraduate Colleges 2015 at Bordoloni Central College, Dhemaji, Lakhimpur.

2. Participated in ICCR sponsored National Seminar on Globalization:  A Challenge in the growth and development of indigenous language and culture in North East India organized by Silapathar College Deptt of English &Assamese on 28th &29th March 2015. 

3.Participated in UGC Sponsored National level workshop on “Issues and Challenges in Higher Education with special reference to Northeast India” from 25th to 26th April on  in North East Indiaorganized by Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Nowboicha College on 12th June 2015.

4. Participated in UGC Sponsored National level workshop on Implementation of Choice  Based Credit System at the Undergraduate Level in Colleges under DibrugarhUniversity by IQAC ,LTK College on 1st December 2016.

5. Participated in National Seminar on Socio polity and Cultural Nuances In Music Of Dr Bhupen Hazarika As Path Finder Of Unity In North East India: Trend And Prospect.

6.Participated as rapporteur in National Seminaron Emerging Issues Of Rural Development Programmes In The North East,2019.

7.Participated in NationalSeminar onLife and Works of Padmanath Gohain Borooah,Hemchandra Goswami and Panindranath Gogoi organized by Dept of Assamese ,North Lakhimpur College and Dept of Bangla, St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College and Assam SahityaSabha,2022.


1. Content Enhancement and Utility in Media. Language and Literature

(IQAC and the Depts of English, Marathi and Hindi Arts, Commerce And Science College Kille Dharur, Dist Beed ,M.S ),2020.

2.Madhyakalin SahityaKa Punarpath Aur Jambhani Sahitya(Deptof Hindi ,Mumbai University}2020.

3. One day International Virtual Conference on Research Methodologies of Contemporary Times: Exploring English Language, Literature and Teaching Organized by SSR&CVR GOVT. Degree College ,Andhra Pradesh.


1. National Webinar on Hindi Sahitya Mein Rashtriyata Bodh organised by Hindi Department ,Lakhimpur Commerce College and Hindi Department, Lakhimpur Girls’ College .

2. Interactive Session on Script Writing for Bollywood organised by Department of English, Aligarh University.2022

3. How To Beat Stress And Be Motivated (IQAC, LakhimpurGirls’ College, North Lakhimpur)2020.

4. Challenges And Strategies In Teaching And Learning And Evaluation To Cope Up With Present Situation (Dept of Education and IQAC Lumding College) ,2020.

5. Stigma And The Covid Pandemic: Testimonies Of Resilience, Resistance And Agency (IQAC and Dept of English, Jesus And Mary College, University Of Delhi),2020.

6. Use Of On Line E-Resources (IQAC Of Cotton University with ACLA),2020.

7. Covid 19 And Its Impact On Indian Educational System(IQAC Of Jorhat College with BRICHA),2020.