MA. M.Phil
Joined Lakhimpur Commerce College on 01 Aug, 1994
Father’s Name : Late Mr. Ramesh Hazarika Mother’s Name : Late Mrs. Labonya Hazarika Present position : Assistant Professor Name of institution: Lakhimpur Commerce College Address of Institution: Lakhimpur Commerce College, North Lakhimpur, Assam, Ph-03752222359,email- Personal Details: Date of birth: 26-03-1966 Category: General Religion: Hindu Marital Status: Married Permanent Address : “Dutta Mansion”, New Amolla
Research Interest:
Political Sociology, Social Psychology, Industrial Sociology
Specialized Courses:
Industrial Sociology Academic Achievements

Educational Details:

Bachelor of Arts, with honours in Assamese in 1987 from M.D. Kanoi Girl’s College, Dibrugarh, under Dibrugarh University, Assam.

2. Master of Arts, with specialization in Industrial Sociology in 1990, from Dibrugarh University, Assam.

3. Master of Philoshophy in Sociology in 2009 from Vinayak Misison University.


Paper presentationdetails:

  1. Paper entitledRole of women in Socio- Economic Environment with Special reference to North East India” in national seminar organized by Lakhimpur Commerce College, North Lakhimpur on 5th and 6th May, 2012.
  2. Paper entitled  “Micro Finance through Kisan Credit card (KCC) Scheme- A Dynamic Intervention for Agricultural and Rural Development” ” in national seminar organized by Lakhimpur Commerce College, North Lakhimpur on30th and 31st May,2012.
  3. Paper entitled“Vocationalization of Education” ” in national seminar organized by Simen Chapori College, Dhemaji on 3rd and 4th November,2014.
  4. Paper entitled “Increased Population and Environmental Degradation” in national seminar organized by Simen Chapori College, Dhemaji on 10th 11th November,2014.
  5. Paper entitled “Status of Women in North East India- A Brief Analysis” in national seminar organized byL.T.K College, North Lakhimpur, on 29th and 30th April, 2015.
  6. Paper entitled “Empowering Women through Distance Learning in North –Eastern Region” in national seminar organized bySilapathar Town College, Silapathar on 23th and 24th September, 2015.
  7. Paper entitled “Impact of Globalization on the Economy of North East India” in national seminar organized byL.T.K College, North Lakhimpur on 9th and 10th January, 2016.
  8. Paper entitled “Higher Education in the Era of Globalization: Problems and Prospects”in national seminar organized byL.T.K College, North Lakhimpur on 9th and 10th January, 2016.
  9. Paper entitled “Gandhi Through the Lens of Indian Cinema : An Analysis” in national seminar organized byLaluk College, Lakhimpur on 28th March, 2016.
  10. Paper entitled “Development of Agriculture in North Eastern Region with Special Reference to Assam” in national seminar organized byPurbanchal College, Silapathar on 6th and 7th August, 2016.
  11. Paper entitled “Film Maker Dr. Bhupen Hazarika” in national seminar organized by Lakhimpur Commerce College, North Lakhimpur on3rd and 4th February,2017.
  12. Paper entitled “Unraveling insurgency in North East India: An assessment” in national seminar organized bySubansiri College, Gogamukh on 5th and 6th October,2018.
  13. Paper entitled “Satriya Dance of Assam – An Overview” in national seminar organized byTelahi Tuwaram Nath College, Khaga, Lakhimpur on 12th and 13th October,2018.
  14. Paper entitled “Teaching Quality Deterioration- A Major Challenge of Higher Education System in NE India” in national seminar organized by Harhi College, Dhakuakhana on 24th and 25th January, 2020.
  15. Paper entitled “Domestic violence against women- An analytical study of Assam” in national seminar organized by Silapathar College, Dhemaji on 12th and 13th February, 2021.

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops/Faculty Development Programmes attended:

  1. National Seminar on” Emerging issues of rural development programmes in the North East”, Organized by Lakhimpur Commerce College, North Lakhimpur, in collaboration with DRDA, Lakhimpur on 27th and 28th June, 2017.
  2. 10 days vocational training on “Carpet Making (Jute and Woolen)”, organized by Krishi Vigyan AAU, Lakhimpur, and Directorate of Extension Education, AAU, Jorhat, during 22nd to 31st December, 2014.
  3. UGC Sponsored National Workshop on “Issues and challenges in Higher Education with special reference to North-East India” organized by Bordoloni Central College, Bordoloni, Dist. Dhemaji25th and 26th April, 2015.
  4. National Workshop on “Quality improvement in institutional management system in under graduate colleges in North East India” organized by Nowboicha College, Lakhimpur, on 12th June,2015.
  5. National Workshop organized by Dibrugarh University in collaboration with L.T.K. college, North Lakhimpur, on “Implementation of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at the Under-graduate level in colleges under Dibrugarh University” on 1st December, 2016.
  6. National seminar on “Comparative Literature for the changing Socio-cultural Scenario in North East India” organized by Subansiri College, Lakhimpur on 8th and 9th February, 2019.
  7. One week online FDP on “ Teaching pedagogy” organized by IQAC of Dr. R.K.B, Law college, Dibrugarh, Assam.(22nd to 28th June, 2020)
  8.  5 days FDP on LaTeX organized by North Lakhimpur College ( Autonomous ) on 20th June to 24th June , 2020.
  9. Online FDP on “ICT in Teaching & Evaluation” organized by MSP Mandal’s Shri Shivaji College, Pravani(Maharashtra) during 13th July to 18th July, 2020.
  10. One week online Faculty Development Program on “Agricultural and Rural Marketing in India”, organized by Dept of Commerce, Department of University, Assam under UGC, SAP(DRS-1) Commenced from 20th July.
  11. Seven days online International FDP on “Creativity and Innovation in Teaching and Learning” organized by IQAC and Department of Education, Maz2bat College, Mazbat Udalguri held from 28th July to 3rd August, 2020.
  12. Two days international webinar on “The Future of Digital Learning” organized by IQAC, Immaculate College for Women, Cuddalore on 3rd and 4th July, 2020.
  13. One week online international workshop on “Research Methodology” organized by Department of Commerce, Assam University, Silchar from 13th to 18th July, 2020.
  14. Three days online FDP on “GST- Current Scenario” organized  by H.K.E Society’s S.L.N College of Engineering from 6th to 8th August, 2020.
  15. Online Week-long FDP on " ICT Tools for Effective Teaching and Learning " organized by Teaching Learning Centre ( TLC ) , Tezpur University on 14 to 18 March , 2022.
  16. 5 Days Multidisciplinary National Workshop on " Environmental Awareness and Waste Management "  Organized by IQAC and Eco Club , Lakhimpur Girls' College  on 5th to 9th June , 2022

Publication Details:

Publication Details:

  1. Title of Article: “Caste and Class Conflict as Reflected in Assamese Novels: A Sociological Study.” Name of Book: “The Manifestation of Society”, Vol-1, Page: 28-35, March, 2013, ISBN-978-93-81689-52-3.
  2. Title of Article:  “Vocationalization of Education” Name of Journal:  “Pragya Pratibimban”, Vol.2, No.1 October, 2015,ISSN:2393-8382
  3. Title of Article: “Status of Women in north East India- A Brief Analysis” Name of Book: “Status of Women in North East India- Problems and Concerns”.  January,2016, Page: 60-69,ISBN: 978-93-85229-25-1.
  4. Title of article: “Agriculture in Assam: “The Backbone of State Economy”. Name of book: Development of Agriculture in North Eastern Region with special reference to Assam”, 2017, Page 19-23, ISBN: 978-93-82746-72-0.
  5. Title of the article: “Culture and youth Entrepreneurship”. Name of the Journal: Pragya Pratibimban”Vol.5(4), 2018,ISSN:2393-8382
  6. Title of article: “Teaching Quality Deterioration- A Major Challenge of Higher Education System in NE India”. Name of book: “Issues and Challenges of Higher Education in the 21st Century with special reference to NE India”, First edition, 2020, ISBN: 978-93-85767-64-7.
  7. Title of article:“Attitude of rural women towards Entrepreneurship”, Name of book: “Self Reliant India-Issues and Challenges”, First edition, 2021, ISBN: 978-93-85767-64-7.
  8. Title of article: “Attitude of rural women towards Entrepreneurship- A Key Strategy for powering Self Reliant India”, Name of book: “Violence against Women in India with special reference to NE India”, First edition, 2022, ISBN: 978-93-92699-60-3.
  9. Title of the article : "Work Life Balance : Problem Faced by Working Women in Proper Management of Home". Name of the Journal : Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal ( A Peer Reviewed Research Journal ). Volume 3 , Number 1 . ISSN-2320-5415. September , 2021
  10. Title of the article : " Awareness of Rural Women about their rights : An Analytical Study of Assam ". Name of the Journal :  Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal (A Peer Reviewed Research Journal ) . Volume 4 , Number 1 . ISSN-2320-5415 , October.2021 - March.2022
  11. Title of the article , "Impact of Covid-19 on the Culture and Future of Assam" . Name of the book " INDIA and COVID-19 Experience of the Deadliest Pandemic and its Impact on Different Sector " Edited by Soma Roy Dey Choudhury , Page number 243 to 257 , 2022 , ISBN : 978-93-95606-07-3

Other Involvement/ Experience/Contributions: 

  1. As a paper setter of Sociology Degree courses of Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar.
  2. Experienced as Paper setter and Examiner of Sociology of various courses and performed the duty of Invigilator of various examinations of Lakhimpur Commerce College from time to time
  3. As a Scrutinizer of papers
  4. As a Member of examination center committee of Lakhimpur Commerce College.
  5. As an invigilator of combined Competitive APSC Examinations
  6. Assistant Officer-in-Charge for B.A and B.Com Examinations of L.C College
  7. As an Examiner of TDC part 2 examination of Dibrugarh University
  8. Contribution of Questions for proposed “Question Bank” of Dibrugarh University.
  9. Member of Examination cell for Degree Examination of Lakhimpur Commerce college
  10. Performed Election Duty in Materials Cell during General Assembly Election,2016.
  11. Performed the duty External Evaluator under Gunotsav Programme,2017,of State Education Department, Govt. of Assam.

Refresher Course:

  Attended a Twenty-one days Refresher Course on Women’s Studies (ID) at University of North Bengal,Darjeeling, under UGC from 5th August to 25th august, 2015

Orientation course/Faculty Induction Programme

Attended a twenty-eight days online Faculty Induction Programme (FIP) organized by UGC-HRDC, University of Mysore from 23rd October to 19th November, 2020. 

Membership Details:

Member:Women Cell of Lakhimpur Commerce College 

Member:Sociology Association Member: Examination Cell of Lakhimpur Commerce College

Member: Board of Under Graduate Studies (BUGS) in Sociology of Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar 

Life Member: Asom Sahitya Sabha


Membership Details