Ph. D.
Joined Lakhimpur Commerce College on 12 Sep, 2012
I am interested in unorganized sector.
Research Interest:
Informal Sector, Street Vendors
Specialized Courses:
Human Resource Management


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Sl. No.Title with page numbersJournalISSN/ISBN


Social security measures in Informal Sector with special reference to Street Vendors in Sivasagar Town of Assam. Pp. 99-109Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Literature. Vol. 1. No. 2. April-May 2012ISSN-2277-842X


Street Vending an emerging profession. Pp. 34-35North East Business Reporter. Vol. 2. Issue No. 12. May 2012ISSN-2249-0728


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Impact of Multi brand retail on Tiny Retailers. Pp. 36-37North East Business Reporter. Vol. 3. Issue No. 3. Aug. 2012ISSN-2249-0728


A study of the role of street vendors to the society: With special reference to Jorhat town and Sivasagar town of Assam, Page No- 79-91Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal, October, 3013- April, 2014



Street vending VS multi brand retailing

Pp. 24-25

Business North East, 2O15


RNP NO. GH-143/2013-2015 

7.Status of rickshaw pullers (Cycle)- A study in a selected Town of Assam, India. Pp. 2-35Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce. Vol- VIII, Issue- 2(9), April 2017ISSN- 2231-4172
8.Economic status of Rickshaw pullers (Cycle)- A case study in North Lakhimpur Town, Assam, India. Pp. 31-35International Journal of Economics and management Studies. Vol-4, Issue-4, April 2017ISSN: 2393-9125

Career Opportunities in Commerce and Management Education: An observation.

Pp. 66-69

Assam College Teachers’ Association


10.An Analysis of Social Security Measures available to Tea Labours in Assam. Pp- 305-320

Tea Makers of North-East India.

Editor: Anil Tanti

Publisher: South-Eastern Book Agency




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Sl. No.Title of the paper presentedTitle of conference/seminarOrganized by



Socio-Economic status of Self Employed Women (Street Vendors)- With special reference to Sivasagar Town and Jorhat Town of AssamGender Discrimination and its impact on Socio-Economic Development. 13th& 14th July 2012Nazira College, Sivasagar, AssamNational 


ParticipatedViolation of Human Rights of Women and Children in Rural areas of North East India. 3rd& 4th March 2013Moridhal College, Dhemaji, AssamNational


ParticipatedWorkshop on Flood in Assam: Management Approach with special reference to Lakhimpur and Dhemaji District. 26th& 27th April 2013North Lakhimpur College, Lakhimpur, AssamNational


Socio-economic status of street vendors: A study in Jorhat and Sivasagar Town of Assam Human development in India: Problems and Prospects. 11th& !2th May 2013POPD College, Lakhimpur, AssamNational 


Micro financing to Informal Sector with special reference to Street Vendors in Jorhat Town of AssmRural Development and Financial Inclusion in North East India. 7th& 8th June 2013Lakhimpur Commerce College, Lakhimpur, AssamNational 


Higher Education in India: Issues, Challenges and RemediesChallenges in Higher Education: North East perspectives. 29th January 2014USTM, Madhabdeb College, Lakhimpur, Assam National 


ParticipatedStatus of women in North East India: problems and concerns. 29th& 30th April 2015L. T. K.  College, Lakhimpur, AssamNational


Participated Civil Defence Training Camp. 24th to 27th May 2015Civil Defence, Govt. of AssamRegional 


ParticipatedChallenges and techniques in classroom management in graduate level. 17th& 18th October 2015Bordoloni central College, Dhemaji, AssamNational 


Socio-economic conditions of women street vendors- A case study of Sivasagar Town, AssamRural development: The strong dimension of India’s prosperity with special reference to North- East India. 21st& 22nd March 2016Sadiya College, Tinsukia, Assam


11.A study of the socio-economic status of women street vendors in  AssamWomen empowerment: problems and prospects in North-East India. 27th& 28th June 2016Moridhal College, DhemajiNational 
12.Empowering women through education Status of women in society and role in economy with special reference to North-East India. 2nd September 2016Dhemaji Commerce College, Dhemaji, Assam



Role of education for environmental awarenessEnvironmental degradation and importance of education for sustainable development. 20th& 21st October 2016Kherajkhat College


14.Growth and development of Assamese Cinema: A study from historical perspectiveEight decades of North-Eastern cinema and beyond. 3rd& 4th February 2017Lakhimpur Commerce College, LakhimpurNational 
15.Problems of financing to street vendors: A case study in a selected town of AssamEmerging issues of rural development programmes in North East. 27th& 28th June 2017Lakhimpur Commerce College, LakhimpurNational
16.Higher education in India: Issues, challenges and remediesTeaching profession in 21st century: challenges, perspective and prospects with special reference to North East India. 7th& 8th January 2017Bordoloni central College, DhemajiNational