MA, Ph.D
Joined Lakhimpur Commerce College on 01 Feb, 2011
1. Name (In Block Letters) : DR. SIKHAMONI BORGOHAIN 2. Father’s Name/Mother’s Name : LATE CHENIRAM BORGOHAIN 3. Department : ECONOMICS 4. Educational Qualification: M A. Ph.D. Current Designation & Grade Pay :
Research Interest:
Articles/Chapters published inJournals/Books/ Seminar Proceedings: 1. ‘Microfinance and Sustainable Development in North=East India’, (2013), Microfinance and Sustainable Development in North=East India(978-81-311=0451-4), Edited by Gunindra Nath Sarmah, Commonwealth Publishers Pvt.Ltd, pp. 268-277. 2. ‘Role of NREGA in Women Empowerment’, (2014), Women Empowerment in North East India (978-93-83252-17-6), pp. 137-142. 3. ‘Status of Women in Indian Society’, (2014), Women Empowerment in North
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